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Minimalist Yoga Desk Planters - SET OF 3

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Be Happy in the Presence of an Adorable Desk Planter

The Minimalistic Yoga Desk Planter is the cutest thing you’ll see today. Working long hours can strain your eyes and drown you of energy. But with the Minimalistic Yoga Desk Planter by your side, you’ll stay fresh throughout the day. It is a treat to the eyes. Pick the best yoga pose from our variants and rejoice!

  Minimalist Yoga Desk Planters  

The minimal design of the planter makes it a perfect desk partner. It will snuggly fit into the corner of your desk, and you can easily have two plants on your desk, one on the figures head, and one in its lap. Imagine how cute it’ll be!

  Minimalist Yoga Desk Planters  

Minimalism emerged in New York in the 1960s, characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a literal, objective approach. The concept relies on the belief that instead of owning a lot, the focus should be shifted to owning necessary items and living a clutter-free life. Today, the idea of minimalism fits well into our lives, owing to the acceptance of sustainability, functionality, and ergonomics.

The strategic use of ceramic to make this planter gives it the light and function look that is associated with minimalism. The Minimalistic Yoga Desk Planter will not only soothe your eyes, but also remind you to maintain your posture. It is a minimal way of adding green to your life.



  • Material: Resin
  • Smooth, Glossy finish
  • Dimensions: Style 1: H-17.2 cm, Dia.- 12 cm, Style 2: H- 19.5 cm, Dia- 12 cm, Style 3: H- 21.5 cm, Dia- 11 cm
Yoga planters


  • Clean design and elegant look
  • High quality and durable
  • Two planters in one
  • Available in Black and White, and 3 different Yoga poses
Minimalist Yoga Desk Planters

The Gift Box that The Artment sends consists of The Minimalistic Yoga Desk Planter with a triple layering of bubble-wrap and safely packed in a box.

  Minimalist Yoga Desk Planters  
  • The black and white variants of the planter will go beautifully with the brown of your wooden desk
  • Green little succulents, like Mini Jade or Bunny Ear Cactus, can be planted in the Minimalistic Yoga Desk Plater
  • If you love flowers, then bring in a baby Ixora plant for your Minimalistic Yoga Desk Planter
  • The simple design of the planter will work well with other desk essentials like a wooden pen stand or your water bottle